My name is Robert Laurentiu Costea and I invite you to the “Coste Tattoo Art-Bucharest” Tattoo & Piercing Salon in Buzau Regina Elisabeta no.71.

Probably some of you are wondering why the salon is named in English “Bucharest” and it is not Bucharest.

I’m going to make a small description about myself and about the concept of the open saloon on August 20, 2017.

I was born in 1984 and started tattooing at an early age, but not as a professional, just for fun with some improvised tattoo machines.

After a while, I decided to pursue my passion and transform it into a complete lifestyle, becoming a professional artist buying tattooing equipment in 2010.

The styles in which I exhibit my artistic qualities are realistic and surrealistic in a little color, although I find myself working tattoos full of color as well as tattoos or graphic.

At the same time the concept and motto of the salon is: “Customer’s desire – piercing, tiny and large tattoos transformed from the customer’s idea into piercing / tattoo by the piercing artist / tattoo artist, in a relaxing and pleasant environment.”

The desire to be a perfect artist and in my quest to be the best in the field of art on my skin was inevitably pushed away from the borders of Romania in countries like Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Guadeloupe, Denmark, England, I personally traveled and worked with top artists of tattoo art where I had the opportunity to learn and finish as an artist but at the same time as a man gaining a vast experience of what people want when it comes to a tattoo.

Very many want a tattoo but do not dare to take the next step to enter a salon and expose their ideas to an artist for various personal reasons and postpone until a moment of definite renunciation or in other happy cases finally arrive at the salon but due to the limit of freedom of expression imposed by society, emotions, etc. I do not want a big tattoo, intricate at sight and finally decide on a small and hidden tattoo but with immense symbolism, that way they manage to enter the beautiful world of art on the skin. A small step towards a tattoo, a giant step that opens a door to the possibilities of beauty, art and freedom of expression.

Through the salon, we can connect client-artist and we can create a bridge between your desires and my artistic qualities, resulting in the tattoo you want.

I promise you with every piece that I have done, I will give all my strength and interest to be my best work, because every work in fact is a part of me, an extension of the years spent in search of perfection.

At the same time I can tell you that in my desire to search for perfection and novelty I will continue to work with new countries and salons in which I will periodically leave as a guest artist where I will gain new experiences that will help me become a perfect artist as I want and can rise above my clients’ expectations, which means I only work personally with people who appreciate my work and who are willing to wait for a schedule.

In addition, in the salon there will be invited international top artists with different specialties on different styles, offering quality in their 100% services, which can not be found in other countries, as well as clients from different countries. to benefit from the salon services and to experience the many pleasures our country has to offer.

The salon is a location with international services according to the European standards with borrowed ideas from abroad, so here you will find the explanation of the name “Robert Costea Tattoo Art-Bucharest”.

Personally, I will invest as much time and effort as to bring a unique feeling to the salon clients as they turn to our services and I will not rebrand to quality because I respect my work, my experience and the pleasure of being a tattoo artist in safely conclude that salon services are not for people who want something cheap and fast.

Having said that, I’m waiting for you at the salon to convince yourself of the quality of the services offered and to discuss and implement the ideas of the new tattoo you want.

Thank you for your attention.

Let’s do Art, like all the tattoos!